Friday, April 13, 2012

RAW: the Blend. ( buy a ticket, win some art)

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been chosen to participate in the RAW:natural born artists show on May 10 in Indianapolis. I sincerely hope to meet some of my followers at the show, and am excited at the prospect of being introduced to a great variety of local artists. While it would be nice to meet people who are already fans of my work, I know that it just isn't possible for many of you to attend. I am going to have a small contest to include anyone who would like to participate even if they can't make it to the show.

This one is really to "the Blend" are only $10. Everyone who purchases a ticket under my artist profile will be entered to win the items shown above. You can purchase here and choose "the Shadow Farm" as the artist you would like to support. Pay with paypal or credit card and comment on this post to tell everyone you are entered...easy-peasey! I will draw a name at random from everyone who purchases a ticket and announce the winner on May11.

Thanks to everyone who has watched my art develop over the past few years. It is your support that has kept me going when my inspiration sometimes failed.


  1. I bought two tickets.... Nancy Horton aka Piratelady on Hauntforum....

  2. Bought mine too :) Wish I could come to the show!