Friday, April 13, 2012

Edgar: a work in progress

I have been piecing at poor Edgar for a few weeks now. There is something about this little guy that I find fascinating. He has an old soul with an aura of profound sadness. At this point in the artistic process I like to pause and get to know the creature a bit before adding the finishing touches. Where does Edgar live? What does he do? (and most importantly) What has made him so sad?

Edgar will be going with me to the RAW:natural born artists show on May 10th.


  1. I like this guy. He reminds me of me.

  2. Hope he has a good trip and finds a worthy home!


  3. The hands are extraordinary! He looks like an old turtle from the underworld! Very endearing eyes! Great job!

    1. Thanks guys! He does have turtle-ish appeal to him, doesn't he? His final dressing is going to be alot of fun...will be thinking about natural materials that he may have collected along his journeys.

  4. Such a poor wandering traveler. Really nice work.