Friday, April 24, 2009

Dead Trees at Nolin Cemetery

There is a small cemetery not far from my house that I pass while riding my bicycle. I find it to be a very inspirational rest stop, and will often stop to explore the names, dates, and tombstones marking the distant deceased. Directly across the road, I have found even more inspiration in the row of dead trees at the edge of a cornfield. The trees have long ago been cut, but the trunks were left standing as a testament to their tenacity. Notice how over the years the tree pushed through the wire fence meant to hold them in. See how they have engulfed the barrier, and the fantastic character that was created due to the incessant will to grow and flourish. The trees are now dead, and have been bleached and weathered by the elements.

I imagine the hollow trunks moaning a chorus on a dark, cold night as a skiff of clouds hides the Autumn moon. A mournful song of despair, serenading the souls buried deep just across the road.


  1. The close up picture looks like a face, making his tangled despair a little more tragic.

  2. I am holding onto the face pic as a possible sculpt reference in the future. The surface is almost looks like stone. I love how the wire fence lines up with the nose, and then ties up the mouth. I also like the scratch marks from some critter over the eyebrow.
    There are about a dozen of these tree stumps all along the is a bit spooky to ride by there near dusk.

  3. *chuckles* I was going to use it as a reference for when I finally do my trees too ;) At first when I read your response I thought "Oh no, we can't do the same face" but then I realized it might be interesting to compare our interpretations of the image.