Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frau Trauermarsch

Legend tells us of a being that travels the globe and collects the dead. He wears a large hooded robe and carries a sickle. To many, the Grim Reaper is synonymous with death itself. He is feared in all nations as the end of life. What the legends have never disclosed, though, is that there is a seperate reaper for the children. Frau Trauermarsch (Lady Deadmarch) dispatches her duties with great care and dignity, for there must be special handling for the souls of the innocents. She traipses the shadows and the night, looking for the signal of a young life soon to be lost. Her duty is as old as life itself, and is a job of pain and sorrow. There is, as they say, a fate worse than death. To see Frau Trauermarsch is to experience a tragedy so great that death would be welcomed.

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  1. I am still amazed by such a simple thing as how you posed her looking over her shoulder brings her to life. The skull work is excellent as well as your photo set. Well done.