Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. Sandman

He sneaks across the rooftops
in the chilly Autumn air
waiting for the wee ones to fall fast asleep.
Is that the wind I hear
rustling the dry October leaves?
Is that a tree branch scratching at my window?
Nighty-night little children
lay down your head and give in to Mr. Sandman,
for he brings nothing but the happiest nightmares.


  1. The skull at the end of his night cap and the casual pose he's taken (arm resting on leg) are just perfect. Of course, you don't miss details like that in your work.

    Is this an animated character?

  2. No, he's not animated...but he's freakin' huge! For reference, the skull's in his hand were cast from an ACC Bucky skull...near life size. He was quite the attention grabber up on my roof.

  3. Oh dear stars - the skulls in his hand are LIFE SIZED? Yeah, great reference, and now I'm REALLY creeped out. :) Love it!

  4. Wow!! The kids in your neighbourhood must have nightmares for months!

  5. Incredible prop !!!
    Do you have a tutorial anywhere on the web by chance?
    I would love to have him on my roof this Halloween.

  6. Sorry, no tutorial on this one. He is really just some pvc, pool noodles and stuffing draped over with a large piece of cloth. Nothing terribly difficult to it...I think he took me an evening to build the basic body shape and another evening for the hands.