Sunday, October 11, 2009

Building Large Props with Storage in Mind

One of the most common questions I am asked is where do I store all this huge stuff? Answer: I design it to break down to fit in a small space. I learned this lesson only after building several really big pieces that wouldn't break down and running out of storage space. I took these pix today to share some experience and encourage folks to make some bigger pieces. The hearse breaks down into flat panels, and assembles easily with only 10 bolts...a one person operation.

My next lesson learned...when a wheel says "for decorative purposes only" better believe it! I broke one wheel today setting this up in my front yard. I will reinforce it and reinstall, but will no longer use them for more than holding the hearse up.


  1. Spooktakular Prop.... LOVE it.... and the fact that it breaks down, that is always my fear... WHERE am I going to store it....

  2. It's great seeing how all of the components break down. It's a mark of your craftsmanship how that neatly arranged pile becomes such wonderful prop. It looks like it could easily slide and store underneath a guest room bed (depending on the size of the bed!).

    I've been working on a booth display concept for the 2010 convention season and portability and storage are always my biggest concerns. Your suggestions here are worth taking immediately to heart.

  3. Amazing prop, thanks for showing that aspect of the desing. All our big props come apart too. It is helpful to see how someone else does it.

    We understand the space issue....almost no one believes that our church facade breaks down and stores into a 4x8 space that is only five feet tall. :)


  4. wow...what a great prop! this inspires me to try something like this for next year. thanks for the do's and don'ts!