Thursday, October 22, 2009

Steampunk Fish Head

What evil scientific experiment is this? What dastardly purpose could it possibly serve? Apparently there is a mad scientist on the loose at The Shadow Farm, and his intentions are not quite clear.
The Steampunk Fish Head is an extremely unique, eclectic, one of a kind item. He has been painstakingly sculpted and detailed with psuedoscientific gak. He has a heavy application of faux rust on his metal apparatus with an authentic antique glass bottle strapped to his side.The copper and brass accents have been treated to age, and will continue to develop a rich patina. His eyes are handpainted, and seem to follow you. This fish is not happy to have been part of the experiment.
Steampunk Fish Head is approximately 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide, and is quite heavy for his size. He will make a fantastic accent for any mad scientist or collector of unusual curiosities and ephemera.

Steampunk Fish Head is available for sale on Etsy.


  1. Oh, he is amazing. You really captured his distain for his creator. :)

    Great work!


  2. hilarious! a singular work of art! love him!

  3. I had to re-read your post to make certain I didn't miss the correct details? 8-inches high? He looks at least 3-feet tall in that first image. And that's where I'm most pleased with seeing this creation. The illusion of life and the attention to detail come together again to produce something quite believeable.

    And excellent use of "Burble, burble" slime around the lips. No detail goes missed in your development process.

  4. Going to buy a lottery ticket right now. Hoping to win $100 so I can buy this amazing little fellow. Agree with KingUnicorn, he looks 3-4 feet tall in those pics.

  5. I think I know one of his relatives. He looks familiar...something around the gills...

  6. thank KU. I hadn't thought about how large he might look in the pix. I do try to add in alot of details, and I believe the rust and the eyeballs reall 'sells' this piece.
    GF, you are correct about his lineage. darwin is smiling that you remeber him ( ok, darwin never smiles)
    Look for more of this family soon ( Holey mackerel!)