Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grimvisions Ghastly Giveaway

Tic toc, tic toc....It's almost over folks. If you haven't yet entered Grim's Ghastly Giveaway, then you better hurry over there fast!

Grimvisions Ghastly Giveaway

To everyone who has signed on as a follower of The Shadow Farm as part of this contest I would like to say welcome! I hope you are enjoying your stay. Things are about to speed up dramatically here on the farm with a big set-up day on my display tomorrow. I'll do my best to remeber to take plenty of pictures and stop every now and then to share my progress.

Good luck in the contest!

Dave the Dead

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  1. hmmm...that's odd - was going to post the ghastly giveaway again on FB - but his site keeps blinking on me - the longer I stay on it - the faster it flickers....
    Hope you are getting lots of new stalkers!
    Im for one, love your little creatures!