Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yard Haunt 2009. Humble Beginings

I have started to set up my Graveyard! Above, the Flagbearer gives me a pleading look from the confines of the shed as I drag the lawnmower out to give the front yard the last cut it will get for a month.

The sparse archway and fencing provide a frame for "Mr. Sandman" ( in the distance, up on the roof). Mr. Sandman will stand guard throughout October. The neighbor kids have already noticed that "the Halloween Guy" has started to set up his yard. I will be adding a prop or two every day now until the big night.

On a side note, I spotted a female Carolina Mantis on the overgrowth next to my house. She is heavy with eggs, and stands ready for her next meal. During the day I saw her catch and eat several spiders and a small fly. What a cool little creature...she seems so intelligent and yet so alien. While I am setting up my yard, she will be busy feeding on insects and preparing to lay her eggs. Maybe I will be able to keep track of her progress thru the month.


  1. ::: squeals ::: I'm all excited to see the whole Army in place.

    That is one awesome bug. Please keep posting on her progress. Did you name her yet?

  2. she hasn't told me her name yet. I truly hope to see her again and watch her progress.

  3. kewl bug! I look forward to seeing your finished project on the big day! :)

  4. Don't you just love the excitement that comes to the eyes of the neighborhood children this time of year, and even more when you know that YOU helped put that excitement there!

    Very cool little lady there you caught, I hope you spot her again too!

  5. The absolute best part of this for me is the excitement of the kids. My street currently has quite a few pre-k that absolutely LOVE to pretend to be scared.

  6. Looks amazing and it is not even in the yard yet....I agree with you on the great to have people stop by with their kids checking to see what is new this year...:)

    Hardly wait to see your display...and pictures of your new friend :)