Friday, October 16, 2009

Two strangers meet at a traffic light

One has a conspicuous severed arm and leg hanging from her trunk and a large spider tethered to her hood. The other has a three foot tall cartoonish maggot buckled into his passenger seat. They notice each other's festive display of the impending holiday. They smile, give each other a friendly wave and a thumbs up. The light changes to green and their momentary meeting is over. They each go about their lives, feeling validated and completely charged with the holiday spirit, knowing that somebody in this strange, strange world shares in their passion. Somebody else out there 'gets it'.

It is fantastic how a mere 30 seconds can alter the course of an entire month. To the lady in the jeep with the spider and severed body parts, rock on! keep sharing the morbid joy that only October can bring!


  1. That story warmed my heart, thanks! :)


  2. hear ye, hear ye!!! in complete agreement!

  3. LOL what a great story~ I love to meet people who "get it"
    I love your work!!!

  4. You seatbelt your props in too?!! Safety first!! Heh!