Friday, November 13, 2009

Bird Head Progress

I think I am close to being done with the skin flap. I have added some brownish flyspecking and mottling, intensified the red highlights, and then added some black and brown over the red. This thing looks like it would twitch when poked.

Moving on to "the apparatus"... A small metal can was used, adding in several different sized of bolts and other cool looking things. I painted this with black primer in preparation for a coating of faux rust. This picture show the progress of the rust application. At this point, I have primed, then randomly painted with brown acrylic, sprinkling sand onto the wet paint. When dry, I painted more brown, then a wash of black acrylic. After this dries, it will be on to oranges and reds.

Still no name for this piece. Any suggestions?


  1. It's funny how the simple addition of screws and bolts transforms a piece.

    Always hard to name a critter when you can't see the face. At this point, I offer up "Squawk".

  2. Agreed - I think we need to see that smile, before we can help to figure out who he is.

    Perhaps Polly? Seems ridiculously simple and ironically disrespectful to such a beautifully horrible piece.

    Any plans for an errant feather?

  3. How silly of me. Of course you would need to see the face in order to get a better idea of the character. I'll be sure to post up some 'full body shots' soon.

    I thought a few mangy feathers might look pretty cool, although I have some other plans that suggest the feathered look in a more bizarre way.