Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009 pix

Some more pix from my 2009 display. Enjoy!
The Acolyte

Undead Horse Looms Menacingly over the yard

the Funeral of Baby Cotton
One of the Rising Spirits gnaws on a stick
Very Creepy

This is a strange picture. I know the blurred images are just Trick or Treaters, and appear spectral due to the flash setting I used....but check out that ghostly image near the center. What is that large bundle she is carying? That is not one of my props.
Corpse in Blue
Blue skies and a missing tooth.
Fall colors and the effects of rain on a latex corpse. I love the way this prop has turned white.


  1. I was wondering when Cotton was going to make an appearance! I've missed your Cotton pics...

    Awesome shots all around.

  2. Omygosh, I'm afraid just looking at the PICTURES, it is just creeeepy, beautiful, and really amazing work. Thank you so much for all the eyecandy!

  3. very nice dave. been waiting for them, seems like something always happens to you-- ghost, prop talking--lol, PYRO

  4. love the pics--'Funeral of Baby Cotton' is hilarious! always enjoy looking at your creations!

  5. I love your work and enjoyed Baby Cotton. I might try to make something similar in miniature! I think a dead baby in a nursery would be a wicked addition to my spooky dollhouse ;)