Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Christmas Goblins

Have you ever had a holiday where nothing went right? If so, you may already be familiar with the Christmas Goblins and not even realize it. Allow me to introduce you.

The tall gent in the center is the Stocking Goblin. This particular specimen has the proud responsibility of patrolling the stockings on Christmas night. After they are filled and everyone is in bed, he scrambles up the hearth and drops in any number of particularly nasty items...his favorites being cat vomit, used tissues, bandaids,and q-tips, and if you have been extra nice you might get an already chewed piece of gum.

The nasty little guy on the right is the Electric Goblin. He loves to mess with electric cords, and is skilled in ways to disable strands of lights leaving no trace of what is wrong. He can loosen bulbs, remove fuses, and strip cords in the blink of an eye. He is an excellent climber, and lives in the branches of both real and artificial trees. He blends in well with the green branches, so don't try to look for him. You will know he is there when you smell a whiff of smoke and suddenly are in the dark on Christmas eve.

Last but not least is the Bulb Smasher Goblin. This devious little chap loves the sound of breaking glass. He carries a small wooden mallet, and will clean off a tree in a single evening if you leave him unchecked. It's best to leave a few bulbs down low and just let him have his way, because if you try to outsmart him he might find his way into your good china.

More pictures of the Christmas Goblins on my etsy site!
Stay tuned...more Christmas Goblins are on their way to ruin your festive gatherings.


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE them! The descriptions make them even better, too. Well, done. :)

  2. Those are so freakin' adorable! I am in love!

  3. Aww, aren't they the cutest l'il... wait... They're nekkid!!! I mean, like... they have no clothes whatsoever!

    Yeah, that's it.. The kids are going to bed with blindfolds on Christmas Eve. (Just in case!)

  4. Not True, 9th Monk! NOT TRUE!

    they have hats.

  5. These may be distant cousins of the Underbiters. LOVE the electric goblin, but he was here last year (blew out half the tree lights) and well...I just can't have him in the house anymore.

    And the smasher goblin was here about 4 years ago. He decided to knock the entire tree over. I was cleaning up glass carnage for hours. So, he's not welcome either.

    The stocking goblin? He hasn't made it here. I'm hoping the other two don't give him directions.

  6. LOL GF. I was thinking of those pesky Canadian Undrebiters and wondered if there was any relation. Yeah, the Stocking Goblin is an unsavory fiend...but wait till you see his OTHER cousins...