Sunday, November 8, 2009

I STILL don't want to be a fish

Yesterday I posted progress on a new piece that had taken an unexpected turn in the design process. I have decided to follow this piece with progress posts, showing how I work from the beginning of a sculpt to the end result.

This morning I woke up with an idea of a design element that I found fascinating. The concept was to give the eyepiece an accordion style shroud similar to those of old box cameras. This would add a unique texture to the piece, and also give it an element befitting of the steampunk era. I struggled with how to create such an element, folding bits of paper and cloth, but due to the small size I eventually decided it would be easiest to just sculpt it directly onto the piece. Another unexpected turn has resulted.

While sculpting, I had a flash image of a ragged piece of flesh attached over the eyepiece, connected to the overall apparatus of the base with wires. Since I am going with a bone-like surface to the majority of the bird head, this will give a nice contrast of dead and alive. This is going to be one strange, strange contraption.

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