Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Food Goblin

Let's face it. Holiday meals can be pretty rough. The Food Goblin is here to make sure whatever can go wrong does. He is a very swashbuckling sort, able to come and go quickly. He dashes across the stovetop, changing the heat setting on the oven, making sure the turkey is undercooked and the cakes are burnt. If access to the stove is blocked, he knows how to reset the oven timer. If all else fails, he can dash across the table, giving his long furry tail a swish, dropping hairs in every uncovered dish. If you have a Food Goblin running about in the house, you better have the pizza guy on speed dial.
One of a kind item. Now available on Etsy


  1. Really like the colours on this one. And the shape of his features.

  2. i need one of these around. to blame for all my terrible cooking!

  3. Ahhhh...I was thinking it could be useful to have a scapegoat, too!