Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop rehab continues

Work on the shop has progressed over the last week. Above is an in-progress picture of the new space before the addition of a proper workbench top. The ultra-cluttered table in the center is on casters, making it a versatile piece of furniture in a very small shop space. I happened to score big with a cast-out laminate desk top from work this week. Below, my art bench is really starting to take shape. Still planned is the addition of shelf space under the bench, additional shelves above the bench, and better lighting.
I have also started the re-paint of my old friend Icharus. I really like this character, but his current paint scheme has always bothered me. He was one of my first air-brush pieces and I was never satisfied with the depth and variation of color...I will do much better this time with all the tricks I have learned.

And totally off-topic...This is Jane in mid-yawn. Doesn't she look evil?


  1. Now I CAN see a difference in the workshop. Shaping up nicely.

    And no, your kitty doesn't look evil. She looks adorable!

  2. Ah, Jane looks like a sweetie - an evil sweetie...but then I think all cats are :D

    Love to see the progress on your work space. Very inspiring.


  3. The shop is looking great...I cleaned/re-designed/organized my workspace a month or so ago..the best thing I did was add some much needed that I can actually see what I'm doing is proving to be really scary! Jane looks like a cool cat...she will get you for taking her picture in mid-yawn.

  4. I need one more good bank of lights over the new workspace to make me happy. All in all, I am liking the space but have quite a bit of tweaking and settling in to do before I can consider it a done deal.