Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dr TerrorEyes Enters the contest

Dr TerrorEyes has the distinction of being my first ever Etsy customer. When I made Nigel Skullsworth Pennington (the pumpkin-headed lad sitting on the mantle), I had a very hard time putting him up for adoption...once you name a creature it is hard to let it go. I see by this video that the good doctor has given Nigel a fantastic home. Doc wrote this about young Nigel:

"During the past couple of years I have told other Halloween enthusiasts on the "Halloween Forum" and at "HAuNTcon" about your beautiful, handcrafted pieces. My entire family was so very impressed with the "Nigel" character we received. We proudly display him every year during Halloween season. During the 1 or 2 Halloween parties we host each year, we ALWAYS receive wonderful comments on little Nigel, even from the TOT's on Halloween night. He's found a cozy spot on the fireplace's mantlepiece this year ( I caught him grinning through the hot glue cobwebs I sprayed all over that area!)
He's quite at home now among the bazoodles of props I've made and bought over the past few years. Your attention to detail is well appreciated and I look forward to finding nigel a "playmate". Who knows where the little guy goes while we're sound asleep.."
Take a few moments to chedk out some of the work Dr. TerrorEyes has produced thru the years in his album on Halloween Forum. His ability to turn an otherwise normal room into a complete haunted set is truly outstanding.

Thanks Doc! You are now entered in the Shadow Farm Outrageous Giveaway contest where he lucky winner will get to choose an item from my Etsy shop. Good Luck!

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  1. Love little Nigel. Always a great conversation starter!!!