Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tuck's Contest Entry

I have known Tuck for a while now. We met as members of HauntForum, and he has actually been to my house to participate in Make-n-Take prop building sessions. I thought it was really cool when he purchased "Sibling Rivaly" last summer. Later, when his wife contacted me with a special commission request I was a bit nervous about how to do the subject justice and still retain my own style. Tuck writes:

"I purchased Sibling Rivalry as a gift for my brother. He was just getting into all things Halloween and I knew his Christmas present this year should be something related. I browsed through Dave's creations and found that this sculpture fit the relationship between my brother and I perfectly, well perhaps not anymore but as kids I'm sure there were many times we were close to killing each other. The only problem was when it arrived I did not want to give it up. With a little persuasion from my wife we wrapped it back up and gave it to him on Christmas. He absolutely loved it. It is now proudly displayed on his TV stand for all to see.

The second purchase came as a surprise from my wife. After she saw the disappointment in my eye when I had to give Sibling Rivalry away she commissioned Mr. the Dead to do a piece for our anniversary. I do not know how Dave felt creating something that was a bit on the happy side but I was ecstatic about it when I opened it up. The happy pumpkin couple have just the right amount of happiness and oddness that shows off Dave's talents. The amount of detail in their hands and feet, not to mention the perfectly tailored clothing make this piece all the better. They reign supreme on the plant pyramid in our dining room all year long (which is a big deal as the wife doesn't like holiday pieces to sit out all year). They are a nice reminder of Halloween each time I look at them, not to mention how awesome my wife is for getting such a great piece."

Thanks Tuck ( and your wife) for purchasing my art and supporting my habit. I am proud to know that two of my pieces have made the jump from just Halloween decorations to 'all-year' pieces. Good luck in the contest!

Time is ticking away! Don't forget to send in your entry for my Outrageous Giveaway contest!

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  1. ha! this little set is adorable (creepily adorable, that is!)