Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Haybudden's Contest Entry

I have greatly enjoyed reading all the accounts of my creations in their new homes...the mischief they have been causing, the snide remarks, the inspirational surrounds of their new abodes. Each and every one of you has obviously taken great pains to give your Shadow Farm creations a decent home. Haybudden, on the other hand, has raised the bar and not only given his adoptees a home...he has looked into the soul of the creation and found the perfect environment to allow them to fully express their essence.

"The Harbinger was the first of ShadowFarm's creations that we brought home and he wasn't the last. Seeing that he and I shared the same tastes I knew that he would be a perfect addition to our home and I wasn't disappointed. From the moment of his arrival The Harbinger settled in nicely alongside the humidor and has guarded it faithfully ever since. Family and friends visit often and always seem to be drawn to him. Those that have commented on him in the past seem to find new praise whenever they see him again.

The Bishop takes center stage with some of my favorite bottles. Here he offers the temperance that one might need when choosing to imbibe, not that I need it. The shelving separates the breezeway entrance into our kitchen, which means that we get to enjoy him each and every day."

Thanks much Haybudden. I appreciate the pictures and kind words you have sent, and am thrilled to see the guys looking so much at home.

The end of this contest is drawing near. So far I have 9 entries in the running for the grand prize. If you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting on? Check the rules and give it a shot! Somebody will be winning their choice of any item from my have nothing to loose! Thanks yet again to everyone who has purchased from my shop and all the entries so far.


  1. Thanks Dave, mighty kind of you. Almostaghost_13 and I look forward to bringing more of your creations into our home. Sláinte
    ~ HayBudden

  2. Oh those are just both classic. Love seeing these.