Monday, February 14, 2011

Spooky1's Contest Entry

Spooky1 is a member of HauntForum, and also happens to be the husband of the previous contest entrant RoxyBlue. This pair of haunters has been frequent customers of The Shadow Farm, taking turns purchasing scary items for each other. Most recently, Spooky1 purchased the Skeletal Cat as a Valentine's Day present.

"The Christmas Goblin (Electric Goblin) and most recently the Skeletal Cat proudly reside on our entertainment center among an assortment of fantasy creatures, including two other Dave creations (Pumpkin Bettie & White Reaper seen in RoxyBlue’s submission). Roxy and I have gifted each other with these unique and wonderful creations over the last year or so. The Electric Goblin seems unsure of his new neighbor, thinking the Skeletal Cat may covet his prized Christmas lights. While the Skeletal Cat has quickly made himself at home in his new digs, between the Goblin and the beautiful Pumpkin Bettie, though at night I imagine he may wander away from his tombstone to acquaint himself with his new neighborhood & neighbors.

Dave, I gave Roxy the Skeletal Cat as an early Valentine’s Day present and she loves him. Thanks again for creating such wonderful creatures, they make the most unique gifts."

Thanks so much to both Spooky1 and RoxyBlue for keeping The Shadow Farm in mind when searching for unique and spooky gifts for each other.

There is one more contest entry out there anxiously awaiting the arrival of his Shadow Farm purchase. I have decided to bring an early close to this contest, and will pick the winner as soon as the final entry is received. I will however accept new entries until that final one is posted (see contest rules and edit for complete details) I send out a wholehearted Thank You to every one who has entered the contest and wish each of you the best of luck!

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