Friday, February 11, 2011

RoxyBlue's Contest Entry

RoxyBlue is a very quiet sort of person...shy, reserved, and never seems to have much to say.

( hack...cough...sputter gets off the floor from a laughing fit )

Ok...maybe not. If you have ever been over to HauntForum, chances are you have met up with RoxyBlue in one for or another. She is one of the forum Moderators and most likely it's most active member. ( current post count over 32,000 posts!) Roxy contacted me to make a special Pumpkin Creature as a gift for her hubby inspired by Betty Paige and other pin-up girls. Adapting my style to the pin-up genre was challenging and a lot of fun! After the Pumpkin Betty sculpt, Roxy came back for more of my work, showing off several of my pieces on her mantle.
Pumpkin Betty and the regal Winter Reaper currently reside atop our
entertainment center, a place that is peopled with gargoyles and
fairies, dragons and witches, and other creatures both macabre and
haunting. Ms Betty privately considers herself the most alluring of the
inhabitants of her small world and is rumored to be carrying on a mild
flirtation with one of the many gargoyles populating the house. She is
occasionally coy, sometimes petulant, but she has a kind heart and
cheerfully shares her space with the also alluring pin-up minion Salome.

The Winter Reaper, an older and infinitely wiser being, considers
herself above the youthful games of her neighbors. She rarely speaks,
preferring to observe, listen, and absorb every detail of the world
around her. Her ever-extended arm stands as a symbol that, pleasant as
the current moments may be, they are but fleeting and the future will be
upon us all before we know it.

I am really excited to see my work right alongside another pin-up inspired piece created by Ghoul Friday. Thanks Roxy! Now seriously, you need loosen up a bit on the forum....

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