Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glowreahhh's Skull / Giveaway entry

Glowreahhh just recently purchased this skull from my Etsy shop, but commented that she has been a lurker for quite a while. I am thrilled to see the skull displayed with a such a classy and creepy group of objects. Her comments that she sent with the picture are quite touching to me. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while knows that I had a very special relationship with my grandfather.

"I have been a stalker of your art for some time now, and once I saw the skulls I had to dig in and join the elite group of folks lucky enough to own a piece of the Farm.
My grandfather was a magician (and a doctor) who passed away a few months ago. When he passed I was asked what mementos I wanted from his home. Immediately I said I wanted the iguana playing the harp, the (real human) skulls from the bookcase, and the coffin with the glass window. Well, I got the iguana playing the harp. So I decided to replicate my grandfather's display with this awesome skull from the Farm. I think he fits in quite nicely. Grandpa would approve."

I am honored that one of my pieces will help remind you of your Grandfather. Thanks for sharing your wonderful picture and comments. ( I am really curious about that Iguana, though...any chance of seeing a picture of it?)

Thanks, and good luck in the contest.

Full details about my Outrageous Giveaway contest can be found here.